Blinds Consultant

We understand that designing window blind solutions can sometimes be overwhelming, such as for large complicated projects or detailed requirements or retrofits. Window blinds expert and lead consultant Darren Nolan can help. Darren delights interior designers, architects, business owners, homeowners, celebrities and clients.

Answers to questions such as -

  • How can I best lower costs of heating and cooling a large campus using window blinds?
  • How can I control light to prevent glare while maintaining privacy?
  • Which blinds will have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the long run?
  • Which type of blinds have the highest customer satisfaction?
  • Which technologies are best to completely automate blinds for a large building?
  • How can I specify window blinds to keep vulnerable people safe?
  • Can blinds be hidden when not in use?

Services include -

  • Site survey and general advice
  • Specification and design
  • Tendering
  • Project management
  • Maintenance contracts

Semi-transparent blinds