Motorized blinds

Automated motorized electric blinds are our speciality and we have achieved Somfy Expert status. These blinds open and close effortlessly. All types of blinds can be motorized, for example roller blinds can raise and lower while venetian blinds can tilt also.

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Motorized blinds can be operated in many ways for example with building management systems, radio remote control, integration with home automation systems, timers, light sensors, temperature sensors, or based on the weather outside such as the direction of the sun.

Options include:

  • Motorized blinds can get power from electric mains power, batteries including rechargeable, solar panels.
  • Automatic operation such as lowering and raising blinds for best climate control
  • Integration with Building Management Systems, brands and protocols including Luxone, Lutron, AMX, LONWORKS, RS485, KNX, SMI/Intelligent, Savant, Elan, RTI etc
  • Integration with the smart home such as Google Assistant in Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo, Siri and Apple HomePod, IFTTT
  • Radio control does not require the remote controls to point at the blinds and is an excellent alternative to hard-wired

Reasons for motorised blinds:

  • Improve climate control using the sun instead of powered heating and cooling
  • Blinds are to be automatically controlled by audiovisual equipment, environmental sensors or a building management system
  • Convenience and house automation
  • There are many blinds which require simultaneous control
  • Prevent unauthorised use
  • Blinds require frequent adjustment
  • Blinds are located at a high level or difficult to reach
  • Blind is large and is more easily operated by electric motor
  • Provide a safer option where children or vulnerable people may be present
  • To extend the operating life of the blind
  • Improved security - timers and sensors can provide simulated occupation while the building is unoccupied raising and lowering blinds at set times and conditions
  • Assisted living - motorised blinds help improve the quality of life for those who may require help with everyday tasks around the home.

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