Pleated blinds reduce heat and glare and are similar to roller blinds but fold close into an accordion stack. They are ideal to fit into many shapes and slopes, such as conservatories. Each blind can retract downwards or upwards and can be operated with remote control, light sensor, timer etc.

The blinds are manufactured using a special Equipleat system which ensures that the 20mm polyester pleats are equally spaced throughout the blind and retain their shape.

Options include:

  • Cellular blinds with pockets of air inside for extra insulation and cordless appearance
  • We are approved manufacturers of Louvolite Perfect Fit (TM) framing for a neat edge around the blind while enhancing privacy and requiring no screws
  • Neutral backing on the street side for a uniform appearance on the exterior of the building
  • Opening by remote control, cord or cordless (for example using a wand)

The range of fabrics includes blackout, translucent, patterned and heat-reflective

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Pleated Blinds in Sunshine Color

Pleated Blinds Pleated blinds with frame Pleated blinds with frame for roof